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Local Makes the Difference

“Regardless of your corporate structure, whether you are cooperative, you’re a family held your locally held, the fact that you are local is really what makes the difference,” says Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, it is encouraging to Bloomfield that the White House is talking about the importance of local entities […]

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Opportunity Fund or Off Track? A ViodiTV Conversation with NTCA’s Mike Romano about RDOF

On December 7th, 2020, the FCC released the names of the winners of its Phase 1, reverse auction, Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). Two days later, Free Press and ViodiTV’s sister publication, the Viodi View, both reported that significant sums of RDOF support appear headed towards urban locations, potentially siphoning off funding from the target, […]

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Prospects of Long-Term Virtual Governance & More – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

COVID-19 will change everything, including how society is governed. Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO, saw a glimpse of how things might change with NTCA’s recent virtual legislative conference. Joining Shirley to discuss her impressions of how that event went, is communications and outreach expert, Tanya Sullivan, president and CEO of Plus One Strategic Communications. The upshot […]

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Fiber, 5G and Beyond

“They are actually going to be providing the access technology that enables a lot of this 5G network,” explains Teresa McGaughey, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Calix. Speaking at the 2019 NTCA Business and Technology conference, McGaughey provides an overview of her talk on what she terms the alphabet soup of acronyms that encompass emerging […]

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Another Tool in the Broadband Toolbox

The final 300 feet is often the toughest for broadband providers. Whether in a large house, a business or a multi-dwelling unit, structures with their legacy wiring, walls and various construction materials present challenges for operators in bringing gigabit from the demarcation point to the end device. This was the topic of an NTCA Business […]

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A Creative Proposal to Reduce the Cost of Content

Video tends to be a driver for broadband, particularly in rural areas. The smaller providers serving rural areas are challenged with higher costs for providing video content than operators with national footprints; costs that are inevitably passed on to consumers. Shirley Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer of NTCA, explains an idea, that was presented last week […]

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Broadband Is Rural Economic Development

Regardless of whether it is agriculture, education, manufacturing or service industries, broadband is a must-have infrastructure to spur rural economic development, says Jessica James Golden, Strategic Outreach Manager of NTCA. As such, NTCA’s members are in a special position to help market the communities they serve, as well as bring various community members together to […]

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Making Sense of the Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and its 98 subcategories can appear daunting to the typical resource constrained, independent telecommunications company.  Fortunately for its membership, NTCA has been working with NIST, the FCC and its members to make sense of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. They have also been tracking and providing input to the FCC’s cybersecurity working group, (Communications, Security, Reliability […]

Inspiration Stories from the Heartland

Tell Us a Story – Another Example of Creativity in Rural America

One of the intangible benefits of trade shows like the ACA Summit, MTA Annual Convention & Tradeshow and RTIME, are the in-person connections that are made. The above video is a result of a chance connection in the hotel elevator at the RTIME 2015 conference. Jack Jones, Jr. is the typical low-key and humble person one […]

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From Wired to Wireless – One Operator’s Story

“We didn’t even have towers. We had no idea how to get into the wireless business,” said Lee Chambers, CEO of Sandhill Telephone Cooperative. In the above interview, he explains how this incumbent local exchange carrier built a wireless network within an 18 month period. This LTE data-centric network has allowed Sandhill to reach out […]

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