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An Untold Story of Connecting Communities

“It’s really been a success story, actually, an untold story of the pandemic about what our members have been able to do and accomplish to keep their customers and communities connected in one of our nation’s worst times,” says ACA Connects president and CEO, Matt Polka. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, Polka argues that lighter-touch […]


Emergency Broadband Benefit Program – One Time or The Foundation for Something More Permanent?

As part of its $900B, December 2020 stimulus package, Congress allocated $3.2 Billion for the FCC to administer an Emergency Broadband Benefit Fund [Note: the original title has been updated to Emergency Broadband Benefit Program instead of Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund] to help connect those who are struggling financially. Some of the things that make […]

Broadband Regulatory ViodiTV @ The Independent Show

Rising Above Political Divisions – TIS20 Wrap-up with Matt Polka

“Hopefully, we can rise above political divisions and focus on better mapping, better identification of who needs broadband, and how we can work together to make sure they get it,” states Matt Polka. Polka, president and CEO of ACA Connects, is referring to a comment made at last week’s 2020 Independent Show (TIS20) by political […]

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Lumpy or Squishy Gets a Response – #TIS19

A 6% return on a direct mailer is an example of an outstanding result that Suzanne St. Pierre, Marketing & PR Specialist for All West Communications, describes in the above interview. St. Pierre explains that direct mail is a way for a company’s message to rise above the digital media chatter. Her recommendation is to […]

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Social Customer Support #TIS19

Moving from customer service to customer experience is the change in approach that Misty Tuttle, Sales and Marketing Manager for Horizon, describes in the above interview. She speaks about the importance of meeting the customer where they are and providing support when needed. She is skeptical of the ability of automated bots as replacement of […]

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COVID-19 Resources from IEEE-USA, ACA Connects & More – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

“We are going to prevail,” exclaimed Patty Boyers, president of Boycom in the above ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation. Boyers was speaking about the efforts to connect the community while protecting employees and customers from the risk of COVID-19. And the demand for Boycom’s network has increased by 70% since the start of the pandemic. This has […]

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Passing the Baton – From Rob to John #WEC20

This video will have to take the place of the passing of the figurative baton from Rob Shema to John Higginbotham that was to occur this week at the ACA Connects Summit. Shema has been a pillar at ACA Connects for more than a decade. Rob’s new challenge is as CEO of Com Net, Inc., […]

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To Fiber or To Filter, That Is the Question

“To fiber or to filter” is the decision that operators will have to make later this year, according to Ross Lieberman, Senior Vice President of Regulatory for ACA Connects. Speaking at NCTC’s WEC 2020, Lieberman was referring to one of the choices that operators will have to make as they participate in the FCC’s plan […]

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Connecting and Moving Forward

Matt Polka, President & CEO of ACA Connects, provides highlights of some of the issues discussed on a panel he moderated at Calix’s 2019 ConneXions. Featuring ACA’s legal counsel, Tom Cohen, and NTCA’s VP of Industry Affairs and Business Development, this panel looked at the issues broadband operators face in Washington D.C. Polka focuses on […]

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Differentiation Through 10G

10G isn’t so much about speed, but it is about improving multiple parameters, including latency, reliability, and security, explains CableLabs’ Chris Lammers. Speaking at the ACA Connects Summit, Lammers points out that 10G is really a collection of technologies to expand the flexibility of the networks to move from peaks of 1 gig to 10 […]

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