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Lessons from Italian Schools on How to Go Online in a Time of Shutdown

[Note: the above interview was captured using the 8× service and then broadcast live via a YouTube live stream.] COVID-19 is driving at least a temporary shift to online learning, as evidenced by the many college campuses across America that are closing their physical classes and moving to virtual ones instead. It’s not clear that […]

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A Conversation About Cloud Services

< With over 25,000 business customers, the superficial view would be to associate 8×8, Inc. as a provider of VoIP services.  At its core, however, 8×8 is a provider of cloud-based services, moving the PBX out of their customers’ offices and into 8×8’s cloud.  8×8 has extended this cloud-based reach into data services through its acquisition […]

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The Video Phone Is Here!

[Added 3/21/20 – Note, the above interview was filmed in December 2004 and has been on the website in the form of WMV files since then. This is being uploaded to YouTube now, as this footage has historical value since 8×8 and Bryan Martin were pioneers in creating a video telephone priced for the […]

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