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A New Way to Sense the World – A ViodiTV Conversation with Barbara Barclay

As the real-world shifts to the metaverse, inexpensive and ubiquitous sensing will become a must-have. Somalytics and its paper carbon nanotube capacitive sensor may be a solution that serves both the real and virtual worlds. Mixing carbon nanotubes with cellulose together with a fracturing process, Somalytics has figured out how to make 1-millimeter thick paper […]

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Fiber: Enabling A Distributed Health Care Model

“Why is it incumbent on families and patients to travel all the way to see us when we can have a more distributed health care model,” asks Yaa Aboagyewa Kumah-Crystal, MD, MPH, MS? This Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Informatics and Assistant Professor Department of Pediatric Endocrinology at Vanderbilt summarizes the inspiring closing keynote she […]

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Jumping at New Opportunities Thanks to a Fiber & WiFi Backbone

“What we did is a JumpStart Challenge. We gave people six weeks to figure out a new business and then we did a sponsorship and a little competition,” explains Allo Communications‘ Brad Moline. Moline, president & CEO of Allo, is describing the contest that solicited community input for how to utilize their gigabit fiber and […]

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Our Purpose – To Connect Communities

“That’s our purpose; to connect communities,” says Brad Moline president and CEO of Nebraska-based Broadband Service Provider, Allo Communications.  Speaking at Calix’s ConneXions 2021, Moline explains how Allo’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network is foundational for creating gigabit societies in the communities they serve. As background, Allo has grown from serving a single town in rural western […]

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Hygiene Today & Automatic Health Monitoring Tomorrow #CES2021

Could the future of health monitoring start in one’s bathroom? The answer is yes if Toto’s plans for its toilets evolve as described by Toto USA’s Bill Strang. It is an evolutionary path that starts with today’s touchless toilet experience. Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, E-Commerce, and Customer Experience, discusses Toto’s latest toilet seat offerings, […]

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The Remote Audiologist #CES2020

A hearing aid that is practically invisible fits, snugly in the ear canal, and lasts 16-hours on a charge is an attractive option for those facing hearing loss. Couple that with an overall cost that is 50% less than traditional hearing aids and Eargo’s Neo HiFi solution could help the tens of millions of people […]

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Brilliantly Simple & App-Free Contact Tracing from the Aloha State

“If this gets someone tested and saves a potential death, it is worth it,” explains Aryn Nakaoka regarding his app-free, contact tracing program, Covid Tracking Hawaii. An entrepreneur from the Aloha State, Nakaoka’s motivation comes from his desire to keep all aspects of Hawaii healthy. The motivation for his solution was a visit to a […]

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The Accessible MRI – #CES2020

The capital costs associated with purchasing and preparing a site for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine have limited the availability of this health diagnostic device. This is an issue in rural areas where the population density doesn’t justify the cost. Even, in urban hospitals, the demands and location of an emergency room relative to […]

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Tele-Physical Therapist #CES2020

Consistent rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery is critical to a patient’s recovery. This isn’t so easy if a physical therapist isn’t nearby, such as often the case in a rural setting. H-Robotics hopes to change that with a robotic attachment, rebless, that exercises arms, ankles, and legs, allowing the patient to receive therapy at […]

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Faster Diagnosis Through a Connected Microscope #CES2020

CEA-Leti’s demonstrates a microscope that is one-tenth of the cost of a traditional lens-based alternative. No need to send samples to the lab as healthcare professionals can operate this device at the patient’s bedside to diagnose spinal meningitis in about a minute. This could be a boon to rural areas that don’t have the equipment […]

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