Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Connected Vehicles Integrated Circuits ViodiTV @ CES

More Efficient AV Brains & More #CES2019

A hardware solution that allows Artificial Intelligence algorithms to run more efficiently is what Thinci promises with its Graph Stream Processing (GSP) computing architecture. Shawn Holiday, Thinci’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains that Thinci’s founders, who are veteran GPU designers, devised a new approach to graphics processing; one that reduces the need for memory […]

Integrated Circuits ViodiTV @ CES

The Building Block IC – Or Anyone Can Now Design a Chip #CES2019

Ming Zhang, co-founder & CEO of zGlue, describes his company’s building block approach to integrated circuit development. This approach allows developers to use online design tools to design a custom chip in minutes and have working versions fabricated within weeks with minimal upfront costs. Working with “chiplets”, which are part of a library of pre-configured […]

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