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Lessons from Italian Schools on How to Go Online in a Time of Shutdown

[Note: the above interview was captured using the 8× service and then broadcast live via a YouTube live stream.] COVID-19 is driving at least a temporary shift to online learning, as evidenced by the many college campuses across America that are closing their physical classes and moving to virtual ones instead. It’s not clear that […]

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More Efficient AV Brains & More #CES2019

A hardware solution that allows Artificial Intelligence algorithms to run more efficiently is what Thinci promises with its Graph Stream Processing (GSP) computing architecture. Shawn Holiday, Thinci’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains that Thinci’s founders, who are veteran GPU designers, devised a new approach to graphics processing; one that reduces the need for memory […]

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The Internet of Thinking Things

Nvidia’s president and CEO, Jensen Huang, wowed the crowd at this week’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) with technology advancements and ecosystems that will have an impact that ripples through many industries. There were the hardware announcements, such as the DGX-1V, which, according to Huang, provides the equivalent of 400 servers in 3 rack units for […]

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Computing on the Edge – Redefining Mobility

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is about creating an IT ecosystem for applications near the perimeter of the network. Andy Odgers, CEO of Quortus, explains that the network itself is accessible via multiple wireless technologies, such as 3G, 4G, WiFi and fixed-wireless. Odgers provided an update of the ETSI MEC process at the 2016 MEC Focus Day in […]

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Voice Enabling the Connected Home

Voice as a key enabler of smart home success was a common theme of CONNECTIONS™ 16. Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research for Parks Associates, cites presentations from companies, such as Amazon and Rovi, that focused on how the voice-machine interface is becoming an important way of communicating with smart home devices. He points out that […]

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Distributed Heating or Computing Solution?

Imagine using the heat generated by a data center to warm homes. The team behind France-based, Qarnot Computing had such an idea and created a distributed data center solution that provides homeowners free heat and smart home capabilities in a compact unit. A smart software system that manages the compute nodes and process, together with a Fiber to the […]

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A Game Changer for the Data Center

2015 may be remembered as the year when flash memory overtook hard-drives as the storage media of choice for a variety of applications. In the above interview, Tien Shiah, Product Marketing Manager -SSD of Samsung Semiconductor, discusses Dell’ recent announcement of the integration of Samsung’s  TLC flash drives with a cost-point as low as $1.66/Gigabyte. Shiah points out that, “An all-flash array, […]

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Beaming in Some Big Announcements

With its announcement of a 16 Terabyte drive using three-dimensional Vertical NAND Flash memory (3D V-NAND). Samsung had a visible (and floating in its booth) proof point that flash memory is to the point where it is competitive with hard-drives for many applications. Anders Graham, SSD Product Marketing Manager, points out that one of the […]

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Flash: Driving New Applications & Performance – Highlights of the 2015 Flash Memory Summit

The 2015 Flash Memory Summit may represent the moment where flash memory was universally recognized as king of the storage world. In the above interview, Conference Chairperson Tom Coughlin and Technical Chairperson, Brian Berg, discuss some of the significant announcements at this year’s event, including: Announcement of the world’s largest storage drive – a 16 Terabyte solid […]

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From CO to Data Center Webinars @ ITS Fiber – Wed., Feb. 11th, 2015

Three of the sessions of our February 11th “Beyond Fiber and Into the Data Center” event at ITS Fiber will be simulcast via a webinar format. Thanks to Calix, IIS Group, LLC and Metaswitch Networks, you can join us at the event without leaving the comfort of your desk….of course, you will miss the warm […]

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