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In the Zone – Part 3

At first glance, nothing could be more frivolous than a pair of $100 “ears” that react to brainwaves. Like so many things, one needs to try them to really appreciate how well they actually work. They sort of force one to concentrate, as can be seen in the above interview when the ears become part […]

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Nailing the Content Search & Discovery Experience

“There is a significant initiative (about 200 people working on the challenge) at Comcast in terms of making it easier to find content that they want to watch,” said Amit Bagga, Chief Scientist, Search and Discovery, Technology & Product Development for Comcast. In this interview, Bagga suggested that maintaining the lean-back experience of watching TV, […]

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The Voice Remote Control – A Trojan Horse in the Living Room

The voice-enabled remote control may become one of those 10 year+ overnight successes. The definition of success may be the question, as adding this piece of hardware as part of the user interface ecosystem may have far-reaching impacts beyond the obvious benefit of finding better content and finding it faster. In the above video, filmed […]

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From Static to Dynamic

At NAB 2013, TELiBrahma announced the release of Point 360, an, “Augmented reality marketing platform for brands and agencies that connects image recognition, video recognition, social integration and geo-targeting technology from TV to Print to Mobile.” ViodiTV got a glimpse of this development at CES, as seen in the above interview with TELiBrahma’s Manoj Panedka. […]

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Fashion Mind Reading – Part 2

It may look like a fashion statement, but the Muse brain-sensing headband from Interaxon, allows one to control games with their thoughts; no hands or voice required. As Ariel Garten, Interaxon CEO and founder, says, it allows one to, “See inside your brain in action.” Gartner describes how this product was built on technology developments […]

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The Body Mind Connection – Part 1

The Bodywave device from Freer Logic is a wristband that detects and reads brainwaves. The technology has already been deployed in various professional applications and now consumers will soon see this amazing technology. Gwen Sorely explains some of the applications, including sensors in a steering wheel that would detect drowsiness or games to help relieve […]

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