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The Continuously Evolving Video Platform

Two decades ago, the conventional wisdom was that the triple play of voice, video, and data was an effective way to provide value to customers and reduce churn for operators. In the intervening years, over-the-top providers have emerged and pecked away at a service providers’ advantages in offering voice and video services. In the above […]

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A Digital Talent Multiplier #CES2020

Will the power of digital change the world of video creation yet again? Hour One with its Character OS could disrupt the world of short video creation. Focusing on business applications, Hour One promises businesses hassle-free video creation. Hour One uses real-life actors, which they supply or the business can bring, as the basis for […]

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Opportunity Fund or Off Track? A ViodiTV Conversation with NTCA’s Mike Romano about RDOF

On December 7th, 2020, the FCC released the names of the winners of its Phase 1, reverse auction, Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). Two days later, Free Press and ViodiTV’s sister publication, the Viodi View, both reported that significant sums of RDOF support appear headed towards urban locations, potentially siphoning off funding from the target, […]

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From Cheerleader to Rodeo Champion – #TIS19

Breaking barriers and breaking broncs is one way to describe what RIDE TV’s Sarah Brown and her teammates are doing on the rodeo circuit. RIDE TV cameras have been documenting the groundbreaking adventures of these pioneering women through the TV show, Cowgirls. And there is no script for the women of this reality-based TV show, […]

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Great Lessons from America’s Everyday Comedian

Behind the humor, comedians often have great insight into the human condition. C Will Myles, commonly known as America’s Everyday Comedian, is no exception as his academic background of psychology and theater set up a career that goes beyond comedy and includes motivational speeches. Kristi Westbrock of CTC hired C. Willi to make a virtual […]

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Persevere with the Grit of Yesterday’s Leaders #WEC20

“Every phase of new technology goes through a curve full of excitement upfront, initial success and, as it grows, it hits speed bumps and don’t let that discourage you,” said Rich Fickle, CEO & President of NCTC. In the above video, Fickle reflects on the grit of the pioneers who built the cable television industry […]

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Importance of Investing in Your Community #Summit26

“We are truly Americana,” says Italia Commisso, EVP, Programming & Human Resources of Mediacom. As a cable industry veteran prior to being a co-founder of Mediacom with her brother Rocco Commisso, Italia understands that the investment in infrastructure is even larger than connecting individuals and businesses to the Internet. That is, their capital investments are […]

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Virtual Museum Display in a Box and More #AWE2019

A zoo without a live animal, a high school lab that allows students to explore a beating human heart, or a realistic rendering of an architect’s design are just a few of the potential use-cases for the Looking Glass Pro, holographic display. Looking Glass Factory Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hornstein, describes this unit as “a […]

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Connecting Loved Ones at #CES2019 & Beyond

Finding a way to connect to her bedridden grandmother in a far-off nursing home was the impetus for Nelly Meunier and her sibling to invent a new way of sharing photos and video with people who aren’t able to navigate the smartphone paradigm. In the above interview, Meunier, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sunday, demonstrates what […]


Unique Opportunity for Retrans Reform & More #WEC2019

Speaking at NCTC’s 2019 Winter Educational Conference, American Cable Association Sr. Vice President, Ross Lieberman, suggests an idea for retransmission consent reform that may get some traction in the halls of Congress. The essence of the idea is that broadcasters would charge consumers for programming, instead of using the MVPD (Multichannel Video Program Distributors, e.g., […]

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