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Cyber Insurance in Less Than 5 Minutes

“Cyber insurance has made great strides in the last 20 years and we now have a mainstream product,” explains Rudy Johnson, president of R.V. Johnson Insurance. In the above video, filmed at the historic Seminole Inn in Indiantown, Florida, Johnson describes an application form that, for companies with less than $100M in revenue, is only one […]

About Reel ViodiTV @ MTA

ViodiTV at MTA Sneak Peek

The following video provides a sneak peek of the flavor of the videos that will be seen on ViodiTV at the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Annual Convention. The content will air on Channel 1 of the Millennium Hotel and Channel 40 of the Hyatt Regency. Stay tuned for interviews and coverage of this always insightful gathering of […]

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White Space Broadband Where Broadcasting Began

Was it fate or just a coincidence that one of the first tests of white space broadband would also be at the location where regularly scheduled radio broadcasting began? That Charles D. Herrold opened the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering and later began broadcasting at 50 West San Fernando in San José was a […]

Gaming Reel User Interface ViodiTV @ CES

In the Zone – Part 3

At first glance, nothing could be more frivolous than a pair of $100 “ears” that react to brainwaves. Like so many things, one needs to try them to really appreciate how well they actually work. They sort of force one to concentrate, as can be seen in the above interview when the ears become part […]

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The Broadband Generalist

Cooperation is a common theme of any SCTE event. Started as a grassroots continuing education effort some 44 years ago, SCTE has always been about individuals working together to improve the cable telecom industry. That spirit was as strong ever at this year’s cable tech expo. Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE, characterized the […]

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The Dawn of Ultra HD

The dawn of Ultra HD is upon us and the beginning of the slow sunset of HD was an underlying theme of the 2013 IBC show. Ultra HD, also known as 4k, was everywhere at this world-renowned, video and broadcast industry conference. From production equipment to post production to transport to displays, all the elements […]

Reel Regulatory ViodiTV @ The Independent Show

Opportunities Amidst Uncertainty

The above video captures slices of last week’s Indy Show with soundbites from several of the speakers. Outdated rules, regulatory uncertainty and the burdens of regulations were on the minds of many of the speakers and attendees, as reflected by comments from Ross Lieberman of ACA, Shirley Bloomfield of NTCA and Matt Polka of ACA. […]

About Reel Sponsors ViodiTV @ The Independent Show

ViodiTV at The Independent Show in 30 Seconds

Cramming two to three hours into 30 seconds was the opportunity given to me. The above video is the result of that opportunity and will be part of the reel that is played on the televisions in various common areas at The Independent Show next week. ViodiTV will be on channel 59 of the conference hotel, […]

Reel ViodiTV ViodiTV @ The Cable Show

The Service Provider Transformation to Software Provider – Highlights of the 2013 Cable Show

Service providers of all types are transforming from physical infrastructure companies to software companies, and cable operators are no different. This is the sense one was left with at the 2013 Cable Show. This three-day event, held in Washington D.C., provided operators and its association the opportunity to showcase this transformation from pipe providers to […]

Reel Stories from the Heartland

A Sweet Video

Sometimes the jewels in the heartland are so obvious, that they are easily overlooked. About a year ago, we stumbled upon a business that is happy to stay in the background, making its customers happy. And with fun food packaged under others’ labels, as well as its own labels, KLN Family Brands makes people happy. Our […]

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