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Follow the "Buzz" for new products, tutorials, applications, and other educational video's. This section on ViodiTV highlights sponsors using video's to provide new perspectives on how to reach your markets with rich, informative, and promotional media. Contact Roger Bindl for information on video production rates.


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What's new At Badger

Cliff Albertson on what's new at Badger… armored fiber, expanded e-store, and other manufactures they represent.

Whats New At B adger

GENESIS Technical Systems:

Bringing new life to existing copper wire plant, Genesis Technical Systems is developing a system of Bonded DSL Rings using G.Bond, RPR and VDSL2 for ultra high broadband services over copper wire – up to 400Mb/s. Stephen Cooke, President & CTO of Genesis Technical Systems, describes this architecture in an interview with Ken Pyle. Genesis Website

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Nokia Siemens Networks:

Nokia Siemens Networks shows an array of 4G products ready to go home and mobile for voice, video, and data.


Sales Sherpas

This introduction video to Sales Sherpas is a sample of our ability to work quickly and cost effectively. Contact Roger Bindl on how we produced this video.

Link to SalesSherpas Video


The Argonics Eraser. This video, although outside the typical realm of ViodiTV, is a very good example of using images, and voice talent to produce a very cost effective video for presenting your product with a moving visual… much better to watch than talking heads.

Link to Eraser Video

Innovative Systems

This Silicon Plains video was shot on location in Mitchell, SD for Innovative Systems. It's a story of how Mitchell, SD. led by companies like Innovative Systems have made this a true Silicon Plains of technology.


Link to Innovative Systems Video

IP Possibilities

ViodiTV worked with the producers (NTCA & OPASTCO) of IP Possibilities to enhance the show coverage, but also provide informational video's for companies to enhance their value of sponsoring the event.


link to promo video's at IP Possibilities