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Brought to you by You

Brought to you by You!

The applications for on-line video are growing rapidly and Viodi has been leading the charge into this world of moving media. In addition to ViodiTV, check our Product Buzz page for samples of educational and promotional works.  Call Roger Bindl for more information on how we can help you enter this rapidly evolving world of media on-line. Video TV over the top has become a reality and the time is right for entering the arena.

We've been producing on-line video's for over 6 years – yes, before YouTube became a phenomenon – and providing full service video production. Contact us to learn more about this media, how to use it and for producing video content for you.

Reach your audience with video. Use video for promotion, education and advertising. Work with experienced people that have a passion for video. Viodi produces video for TV and on-line viewing, ViodiTV is a place for video and we can work with you to put videos on your site. 

ViodiTV provides unique video coverage of industry tradeshows, independent telco success stories, the latest in technology reports and events of interest to independent telcos.  ViodiTV is but one of the efforts by Viodi LLC to bridge the Heartland and Hollywood, while keeping operators abreast of developments in IPTV, CATV, WebTV, Video over the Web, and other evolving trends.

Contact us for video services and learn more about sponsorship opportunities… contact Roger at   .

Opportunities throughout the year include:

 logo opastco… OPASTCO Summer Conference.

Other events… Call or Write

WSTA Logo…  YourOwn Video opportunity with ViodiTV at WSTA Fall Conference

Other events… Call or write

Note: ViodiTV sponsor ads are also included in the Viodi View Newsletter. Most include pre and post show anouncements. Viodi also produces pre-show video ads for advertisers and customized promos in video pre-rolls.

Check other sponsoring opportunities with Viodi View and ViodiTV – Pricing.

Samples from 2008 Viodi Sponsorship Opportunities (pdf)

For more information about ViodiTV download this pdf.