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Behind the Bot at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

Building on the theme of the 2022 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, Joseph Wei describes how a bot with a voice and image synthesized from a human is serving up a promotional message for this year’s conference. Wei, who is the 2022 IEEE GHTC Sponsorship Chair, explains that this technique allows him to tailor the […]

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Connecting Loved Ones at #CES2019 & Beyond

Finding a way to connect to her bedridden grandmother in a far-off nursing home was the impetus for Nelly Meunier and her sibling to invent a new way of sharing photos and video with people who aren’t able to navigate the smartphone paradigm. In the above interview, Meunier, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sunday, demonstrates what […]

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The Desktop Hologram Monitor #AWE18

A video hologram was the eye-catching display and product of Looking Glass at the Augmented World Expo. Starting at $499, this HDMI connected device, allows artists, designers, teachers and marketers represent their works and offerings in three-dimensions. With an SDK that has interfaces to Unity, SketchUp and more, it is possible to take 2D and […]

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Focus on the Consumer Experience for OTT Success #TIS18

Networks need to focus on the consumer experience and not use B2B language says Bob Gold, CEO of Bob Gold & Associates. This is one of the pearls of wisdom from Gold’s recent survey of industry professionals about streaming media services like Netflix, Hulu and start-up video brands. Gold points out that, with so many […]

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CuriostyStream – A Vision Realized #WEC2018

Like most original products, the over-the-top, subscription video on demand service CuriosityStream, represents the vision of its founder. With its 1,500+ features and series on the topics of science, history, tech and nature, it is clear that CuriosityStream is the ala-carte channel that its founder, Cable TV programming legend John Hendricks, has envisioned for decades. […]

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A Creative Proposal to Reduce the Cost of Content

Video tends to be a driver for broadband, particularly in rural areas. The smaller providers serving rural areas are challenged with higher costs for providing video content than operators with national footprints; costs that are inevitably passed on to consumers. Shirley Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer of NTCA, explains an idea, that was presented last week […]

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You Don’t Need to Be There to See It in 3D

Is 3D video poised for a rebirth of sorts through user-generated content? Looking through it with the eyes of a 15-year-old and hearing the “wow moment”, one has to think that 2016 might finally be the year of 3D video. Low-cost and simple 3D capture, along with low-cost virtual reality headsets could be the elements […]

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Fiber Network Powering Broadband & Now Video

The juxtaposition of a fiber optic cable on a dirt road paints the picture of many parts of rural America and glimpses of the stark contrast in infrastructures can be seen in the above video. With 1,300 miles of recently deployed fiber and an average of 2.5 customers per mile, United Electric Cooperative is providing broadband […]

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Merging Tech and Media to Promote Monetization

Making advertisements relevant to viewers is what YuMe does. Their ad platform brings Fortune 500 advertisers together with premium content networks.  With the analysis they provide, YuMe helps match the right ad to the right person at the right time on the right screen. An example of this sort of ad matching, is their recent […]

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Aereo Ruling – Opportunity for Broadband Providers?

“Over the next few years, expect to see more Congressional hearings and, maybe, an uptick in FCC activity depending upon who the next [FCC] Chairman is,” said Barbara Esbin of the law firm, Cinnamon Mueller. She was speaking at the 2013 MTA Convention regarding video programming access by cable and telephone operators and, even though […]

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