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The Foundation of the Connected Home – #CES2022

“It was really important to start off our day talking about really the foundation of the smart home, which is the connectivity layer,” says Jennifer Kent, Vice President, Research, Parks Associates. In the above interview, Kent provides an overview of the panel she moderated which featured a mix of in-home connectivity providers (Airties, Calix, and […]

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A Dramatic Change to the Way We Live and Work

“The way we work and live will change quite dramatically,” is how Stuart Sikes characterizes the impact of connected and smart home. Speaking at CONNECTIONS™ 16, Sikes points out that things such as voice control are removing the friction of interacting with technology and associated products. As further evidence of how things like voice control makes […]

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Voice Enabling the Connected Home

Voice as a key enabler of smart home success was a common theme of CONNECTIONS™ 16. Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research for Parks Associates, cites presentations from companies, such as Amazon and Rovi, that focused on how the voice-machine interface is becoming an important way of communicating with smart home devices. He points out that […]

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What Do Customers Want?

Knowing what customers want is the universal quest for service providers and manufacturers. Emily Hossellman has a first row seat to the frustrations and excitement that customers feel with new products in her role as Director of Marketing for Centercode has garnered some valuable insight into how people feel about smart home products. As background, […]

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Smart Energy Opportunities in the Smart Home

“The analytics, just like the network and all the technology, should just fade away into the background,” says Tom Kerber, Director, Research Energy and Home Controls of Parks Associates. Kerber was speaking to the idea that customers want smart energy features to work in the background, providing comfort and efficiency without having to be in […]

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Smart Homes Means Smarter Cars

Home used to be where we slept at night. But with the rise of the connected car with entertainment options aplenty, will the car someday become almost like a mobile extension of one’s domicile? In the above interviewed, filmed at the Internet of Things World in Santa Clara, CA, Parks Associates’ Jennifer Kent talks about […]

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The Contractor’s Role in the Smart Home

The remodel market is huge with one estimate suggesting that the total annual revenue from professional-led (i.e. contractor, not Do It Yourself) remodels amounts to $176B. The contractor has a huge influence on the details of a home remodel and the product choices the homeowner makes. As consumers become more aware of the technologies that make the […]

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Partnerships Critical to Connected Home Success

“The audience as well as the panelists agreed that partnerships were critical to success in the connected home,” according to Tom Kerber Director of Research for Parks Associates. He was referring to the panel he moderated at the 2015 CONNECTIONS™ Conference and how different skill sets will be required to manage and create the best consumer experience. […]

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Rethink Your Business or Get Left Behind

The difference between the “connected” and “smart” home is self-learning, according to Farooq Muzaffar, VP, Corporate Strategy & Development for Verizon. The smart home learns and adapts to the behavior of the individuals (e.g. TV shuts off when no one is their to view it). Practically speaking, the smart home is also connected to the […]

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A Critical Part of People’s Lives

“The smart home and bringing that technology to be a permanent part of people’s lives is a hot topic,” according to Stuart Sikes, president of Parks Associates. Sikes was referring to the popularity of last week’s CONNECTIONS™ Conference and how the technologies surrounding the smart home are starting to move into the mainstream. As he […]

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