Telehealth ViodiTV @ MTA

More Efficient Healthcare in the Midwest

For decades, telemedicine has been a hoped for solution to help make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. In the above interview, Innovative Systems’ CEO, Roger Musick, talks about his experience as a board member of a local hospital that embarked on what became a statewide and, eventually, a multi-state tele-health effort several years ago and has resulted in […]

Reel Stories from the Heartland ViodiTV

The Myth of the Corn Palace

For any of those who follow musical acts such as the Oakridge Boys, Blood Sweat and Tears and Weird Al Yanovic, you may have heard of the famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Despite the corny name, the Corn Palace is sort of a cultural destination for folks in the Southeast part of South […]

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