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Persevere with the Grit of Yesterday’s Leaders #WEC20

“Every phase of new technology goes through a curve full of excitement upfront, initial success and, as it grows, it hits speed bumps and don’t let that discourage you,” said Rich Fickle, CEO & President of NCTC. In the above video, Fickle reflects on the grit of the pioneers who built the cable television industry […]

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Set-Top Be Gone

Jared Baumann, Manager of Market Development and Deployment for C Spire, provides an update of their journey towards the elimination of the set-top box. To be more precise, this is about C Spire’s goal of allowing customers to access content on the device or screen of their choosing without having to rent a set-top box […]

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Worse Than a CableCARD?

“We are getting away from set-tops,” points out Matt Polka, president and CEO of the American Cable Association. Speaking at last week’s WEC 2016 conference, Polka was referring to the migration of his MVPD members’ licensed programming to IP set-top boxes, TVs and hand-held devices through the magic of Apps. He expresses concern that the proposed FCC changes (PDF) – that […]

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Discovering Insights With the Data That’s Already There #Summit21

“The biggest savings are operational,” says R.J. Juneau  of Maxxian.  In the above interview, filmed at the 2014 ACA Summit, Juneau talks about the operational and revenue improvements they have seen with the implementation of their system in operators’ headends.  For instance, one operator found a 15% drop in customer-support, truck rolls by implementing the Maxxian solution. What Juneau describes is a […]


Managed Broadband TV – A Decade Old Overnight Success

Editor’s Note: The above video and the following notes represent what was presented as opening comments at the NTCA Southeast Regional meeting in Savannah, GA. The purpose was to set the baseline for a discussion regarding the latest developments in delivery of video services. Non-technical directors of telecom cooperatives were the target audience for this […]

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Fiber Network Powering Broadband & Now Video

The juxtaposition of a fiber optic cable on a dirt road paints the picture of many parts of rural America and glimpses of the stark contrast in infrastructures can be seen in the above video. With 1,300 miles of recently deployed fiber and an average of 2.5 customers per mile, United Electric Cooperative is providing broadband […]

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Advertising Partnership Drives New Revenue for Existing Networks

Many years ago, a wise marketer suggested that the value from cross-promoting different parts of his triple play would, by itself, justify ad insertion in his channel line-up. His challenge was that there were higher priorities for his company’s staff and ad insertion was way down the list of priorities for his IPTV network. Fast-forward […]

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A Cooperative Using Its Roots to Help Out with IPTV

Ubiquitous delivery of video via IP is what allows cable and telco operators to offer the multiscreen video services. In the above interview, Corey McCarthy of NCTC discusses their efforts to create a converged IPTV platform that could be used by any of its 400+ telco operator members as well as the hundreds of cable […]


From Capture to Screen & Everything in Between

“Delivering Television, particularly live television, to non-traditional screens is extraordinarily complex, said MobiTV’s CSO, Rick Herman. Herman discusses the challenges of delivering television to multiple screens in the above interview. Cedric Fernandes, MobiTV CTO, joins in and describes what they are doing as an open IPTV platform; one where content could flow over a managed […]

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MVPD-Driven BroadbandTV

A year can make a big difference in the world of technology rollouts; at least between 2012 and 2013. Paul Woidke of NAGRA/OpenTV points out how many of the developments around broadband TV are now being driven by the MVPDs, as compared to earlier when Over-The-Top providers were pushing the envelope. Woidke points out that […]

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