Emergency Broadband Benefit Program – One Time or The Foundation for Something More Permanent?

As part of its $900B, December 2020 stimulus package, Congress allocated $3.2 Billion for the FCC to administer an Emergency Broadband Benefit Fund [Note: the original title has been updated to Emergency Broadband Benefit Program instead of Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund] to help connect those who are struggling financially. Some of the things that make […]

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Opportunity Fund or Off Track? A ViodiTV Conversation with NTCA’s Mike Romano about RDOF

On December 7th, 2020, the FCC released the names of the winners of its Phase 1, reverse auction, Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). Two days later, Free Press and ViodiTV’s sister publication, the Viodi View, both reported that significant sums of RDOF support appear headed towards urban locations, potentially siphoning off funding from the target, […]

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To Fiber or To Filter, That Is the Question

“To fiber or to filter” is the decision that operators will have to make later this year, according to Ross Lieberman, Senior Vice President of Regulatory for ACA Connects. Speaking at NCTC’s WEC 2020, Lieberman was referring to one of the choices that operators will have to make as they participate in the FCC’s plan […]

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A Wide Swath of Opportunities #Summit26

“They have done the hard work….this is a wonderful association full of companies who have met consumer demand,” exclaimed FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly at ACA Connects Summit 26. O’Rielly was speaking of ACA Connects members and their construction of broadband networks in rural America. In the above interview, O’Rielly makes an impassioned defense of capitalism […]

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Rural Pole Attachments Uncertainty Impacts Broadband Rollout #TIS17

“How do you bid on getting some of the CAF money not knowing how much it is going to cost you to get the network,” said Earle MacKenzie, the now-retired CEO of Shentel? Speaking at the 2017 Independent Show, MacKenzie was referring to the challenges of navigating multiple rules and, in some cases, cost-prohibitive pole […]

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Digital Opportunities through Grassroots Efforts #Summit25

“This is the real story of America; how people in small towns and big cities alike are coming together to try to create what I call, digital opportunity,” exclaims Ajit Pai, in the above interview filmed on March 21st at the ACA Summit.  Pai describes how the grassroots efforts to build broadband were a recurring […]

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Digital Opportunity as the End Goal

Digital opportunity is the end goal, says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.¹ In the above interview, Pai states, “Broadband is not a Republican issue, it is not a Democratic issue; it is an American issue.” He explains that providing digital opportunity requires that Internet is available to all who want it or, as he put in […]

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Navigating the Broadband Sea

“We have the ability to bring back some more balance to the laws and regulations to help smaller businesses to encourage them to invest more,” says Matt Polka, president and CEO of the American Cable Association. Speaking at NCTC’s Winter Education Conference, Polka is hopeful that the new administration and associated changes at the FCC will […]

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Mr. Wheeler, Tear Down That Wall

The FCC is the biggest impediment to rural broadband deployment, according to long-time industry consultant Dave Fridley of FARR Technologies. Fridley, expressing the frustration felt by many of his clients and colleagues (and some pundits), suggests the organization’s process causes regulatory uncertainty for his clients, which translates into investment uncertainty (see this Ex Parte and this GAO report, for examples). His comments echo […]

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Work with Us and Not Against Us #Summit23

“We are small businesses that matter and that make a difference in our communities,” is the message that Matt Polka and the American Cable Association members imparted to elected members on Capitol Hill at the 23rd ACA Summit. In the above interview, Polka implores Congress and regulators to work with and not against the small operators that serve parts […]

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