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Creating a Culture of Integrity #Summit26

“It’s living your life the right way, so that others follow,” is how Patricia Boyers, president and CEO of Boycom Cablevision describes how one creates a culture of integrity. Although her comments are made in the context of creating a business that serves its customers and community, she is quick to point out that this […]

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Curiosity Led to Discovery and More #TIS18

“Why can’t this be on television,” asked a University of Alabama student in the 1970s? The young John Hendricks was referring to the documentaries he was cataloging for his professor. That question led to his founding of the Discovery Networks in the 1980s and many other innovative ideas, such as Your Choice TV, an early […]

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The Hybrid OTT/Local News Channel #TIS18

We have probably all seen them; the short, informative and entertaining gadget videos produced by Cheddar that regularly appear on social media sites. What may not be so well known is that Cheddar also offers two different, live news, channels that broadband providers operators can provide, at no cost, to their subscribers. Speaking at the […]

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Yes, YouToo America #TIS18

The TV past met the present and the future at the 2018 Independent Show as the ViodiTV cameras caught up with the hosts of Macabre Theatre and Alive and Well, respectively, that are broadcast on Youtoo America.  Lisa Loring, who portrayed Wednesday Addams from the classic TV show of the 1960s, the Addams Family and […]

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Better Driving Through Metadata

Great racing athletes are able to visualize their every move giving them a mental picture for how they should perform. For the rest of us, Chevrolet may have the answer in the form of its Performance Data Recorder (PDR) in the 2015 Corvette Stingray, which is notable as it is the first telematics system to be […]

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“Rural America Is a Big Part of America” #Summit21

It’s one thing to talk about or even see pictures of rural America, but it doesn’t compare to experiencing it first hand. Last April at the ACA 2014 Convention, I had a chance to catch up with the lone Representative from the very rural state of Vermont. Interspersed in the above interview with Representative (D-VT) Peter Welch are some images captured […]

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Relaxation Television

Relaxation television is how Tim Larson, Vice President of Distribution of eScapes Network, describes their service. eScapes Network provides a backdrop of high-definition videos and background music. With operators receiving 2 minutes of the 4 minutes per hour of advertising time and the ability to program 15 minute segments with local sights and sounds, eScapes […]

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Cooperation Needed Across the Video Food Chain

“It comes down to the consumer, said Edward T. Holleran, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Broadband. He suggested a laser-like focus on meeting the needs of the customer is more important than ever, given changes in tastes, technology and competition. He makes the point that broadband has subsidized operators’ video product for some time […]

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Organization Changing to Keep Up With the Industry

“The reasons to start it today are the same as they were 20 years ago,” said Jim Gleason of NewWave Communications.  Gleason was referring to the motivations for starting the American Cable Association. Although things have changed from a technology standpoint, the challenges of content access and costs of that content remain the same. He […]

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A Hybrid Cloud Media Exchange

“Sharing a single standard format, which is what we were doing before, gets kind of clunky,” said Jesse Lerman president and CEO of TelVue at the 2013 NAB Conference.  By integrating transcoding into its Content Media Exchange, TelVue is able to allow content owners to share content in one format (e.g. a mezzanine level), while […]

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