FTTX Mid-Mile Stories from the Heartland ViodiTV @ Fiber Connect

Rural America Needs Fiber On-ramps and Fiber Off-ramps

“Think about on and off-ramps” is Joseph Franell’s advice to those building fiber networks that traverse rural areas. Franell, president of Blue Mountain Networks, a provider of high-speed Internet to residential and business to 29 communities in Oregon and Washington, is well-versed in overcoming the challenges of rural broadband presented by low-density, rugged geographic, and […]


The Mid-Mile Meet Me Point In Action

“For the most part, they were all islands,” is how Hunter Newby, Allied Fiber CEO, describes the rural broadband networks that are now using Allied Fiber’s distributed meet-me points to effectively lower the cost of mid-mile access. The continually expanding Allied Fiber network currently stretches from Florida to Georgia with meet-me points every 60 miles. […]

FTTX Mid-Mile Regulatory Stories from the Heartland ViodiTV @ Broadband Communities

Fiber by the Community

The story of B4RN and Annison shows the importance of local ownership for the creation of broadband networks in even the most remote of locations. It is a story that policy makers in the U.K and around the world should take note of as they as they draft legislation and promulgate rules to ensure broadband for all.

Mid-Mile ViodiTV @ Broadband Communities

A World Class Mid-Mile

“We were way behind when it came to telecommunications,” said Michael Manilowski of Executive Director Ontario County (N.Y.) Office of Economic Development.  Manilowski explained the fragmented broadband network his county had when they evaluated how their region compared to other areas.  As a result, they constructed an open access, mid-mile network that telecommunications’ providers, such as cable […]

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