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The Continuously Evolving Video Platform

Two decades ago, the conventional wisdom was that the triple play of voice, video, and data was an effective way to provide value to customers and reduce churn for operators. In the intervening years, over-the-top providers have emerged and pecked away at a service providers’ advantages in offering voice and video services. In the above […]

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Educating The Wannabe Cord Cutter #CES2019

Parks Associates reported in their December 2018 study that 13% of U.S. households have already fired their traditional pay television providers. FlexVU aims to grow the number of cord-cutting households. As explained by Anselmo Pilla, Senior Director of Marketing of Pixelworks, FlexVU is an ad-hoc consortium of companies with a goal of educating consumers as […]

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Curiosity Led to Discovery and More #TIS18

“Why can’t this be on television,” asked a University of Alabama student in the 1970s? The young John Hendricks was referring to the documentaries he was cataloging for his professor. That question led to his founding of the Discovery Networks in the 1980s and many other innovative ideas, such as Your Choice TV, an early […]

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CuriostyStream – A Vision Realized #WEC2018

Like most original products, the over-the-top, subscription video on demand service CuriosityStream, represents the vision of its founder. With its 1,500+ features and series on the topics of science, history, tech and nature, it is clear that CuriosityStream is the ala-carte channel that its founder, Cable TV programming legend John Hendricks, has envisioned for decades. […]

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Beyond TV – a Real World Example

“The kids have been super excited about the Disney Jr. and Watch TV Everywhere experience,” according to Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction, of Tennessee broadband service provider North Central Telephone Cooperative. In the above interview, Carter discusses their experience in providing multiscreen video services. Befitting the idea that the younger generation has […]

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Local Sports Everywhere with No CableCARD

From the Pinewood Derby to collegiate sports, the BCSN networks carry local sports that are of interest to residents of the Toledo and Lima, Ohio area. There are several things that make the BCSN networks unique: The content creation is through a partnership with Buckeye CableSystem and its sister organization, the Toledo Blade newspaper. Together, they […]

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Authentication for All

“We hit somewhat a watershed moment in January,” said Doug Hull of NCTC. Hull was referring to the availability of content from providers for multiscreen use. In the above interview, Hull and Robert Gessner of MCTV discuss how MCTV’s authentication solution have been integral to NCTC’s multiscreen solution, which over 90 NCTC members deployed for last […]

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Roku – The MSO Set-Top

Jim Funk discusses one of Roku’s newest set-tops – which is really a set-stick – that uses MHL as the interface between the TV and the set-top. In this scenario, power is provided via the connector, eliminating the need for an AC power brick. Signal is sent to the stick via WiFi. Funk also explains […]

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Efficient Multi-Channel/Multi-Screen Video Encoding

Up to 48 transcoded channels in a single 1 RU chassis is what Transparent Video System’s latest encoder offers. TVS’ encoder is ideal for multi-screen encoding, where resolution requirements range from high-definition to smart phone. Efficient compression is another highlight of this device. The modular nature of the physical interface of the unit provides for […]

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The Operator App Store

“It’s a competitive issue. They [Operators] want to be offering these solutions on their platforms so that their customers don’t go somewhere else,” said David Adams VP Corporate Development for Accedo. Adams was referring to the idea that operators are beginning to offer app stores to stay relevant in a world where over-the-top is causing […]

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