A Customer Focus Improves Sustainability & Cuts Waste

Over 20 tons of plastic and 50 tons of cardboard is the annual waste reduction Lumen expects to save by more efficiently packaging and shipping equipment to homes and operation centers, while simultaneously minimizing the Lumen technician’s carbon footprint.

Lumen’s innovation will introduce zero plastic packaging, biodegradable materials, vegetable-based ink, recyclable materials, and decreased material consumption. Lumen is proud to contribute to reduced shipping frequencies and carbon emissions, as well as substantial waste reduction.

As alluded to by Tyler Galetti, Lead Product Manager of Lumen, this is just one part of a larger, company-wide initiative to improve sustainability within this global technology and communications that has a global fiber network covering 350,000 route miles.

The Journey Starts with the Customer

Tyler explains how their journey started with the customer experience. In the case of their packaging redesign, the customer was both the person subscribing to the service as well as the installation technician. With this focus, they were able to reduce the packaging materials, increase the number of units per carton, and simplify the installation for both the customer and technician.

Crystal Dowd, VP Architecture, Engineering & Technology (AET) for Lumen, expresses her excitement about how this and other efforts are set to make a difference for both Lumen and its customers. She encourages industry cooperation via the Broadband Forum to find new efficiencies and improve the overall sustainability of the end-to-end network and the associated ecosystem. 

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