Get on Board the STEM Train

It is never too late to start a STEM career is one of the messages imparted by Liz Acosta-McCune, VP of Market Growth and Advocacy for Silver Star Communications. Speaking at the recent WICON event in Boise, Idaho, Acosta-McCune suggested that the ever-evolving technology industry presents new opportunities in many different fields, beyond engineering. 

Her experience is an example that one doesn’t have to have an engineering background to contribute and participate in the business of technology. This is particularly true in telecom which is her focus. In a sense, Silver Star’s business is about connecting communities. Of course, that means the physical connections enabled by fiber optics. As importantly, it means connecting with people and their communities, which is a strength of Liz and the rest of the Silver Star team.

Note, Acosta-McCune points out that in Idaho, it is even easier for a graduating high school student to chart a path, as grants of up to $8,000 are available for career training, whether that be academic or vocational.

This issue brought to you by the Broadband Forum
This post brought to you by the Broadband Forum

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