The Living Room Interactive Garden

Is Rise Gardens the solution for those of us with brown thumbs? Combining the power of the Internet with a controlled environment of lighting, sensors, and nutrients, Rise’s hydroponic system promises a more efficient growing experience compared to the traditional gardening approach.

Rise’s app provides step-by-step instructions and reminders to ensure a bountiful harvest. As it is a hydroponic nature system, the plants are grown in nutrient-enriched water, instead of soil. This, combined with the built-in LED grow lights, means consistent growth and harvest. Plus, it means the Rise Garden can be placed virtually anywhere within the home or office.

More than a smart indoor gardening solution, the Rise Family Garden is a conversation piece that easily fits onto a kitchen counter or as a stand-alone piece of furniture in the living room. With sizes ranging from 4 to 108 plants, the stand-alone unit looks like a living bookcase.

Gardening as a Service

It is their membership model that is appealing to the casual gardener who wants fresh, pesticide-free, locally-grown vegetables and fruit. For about a dollar per day, The annual Rise Garden membership provides up to 96 plants, nutrients, and exclusive access to new seeds and products. Their website suggests this level of membership will provide the equivalent of 80 salads, 24 radishes, and 50 tomatoes and peppers per month.

Their seedpods include a wide range of plants, including beans, strawberries, baby cauliflower, cucumbers, baby eggplant, herbs, and various flowers. There are seedless pods so that people can experiment. Adams reports being surprised to see what people can grow in their system. One person grew mini-pumpkins for the Thanksgiving season.

In the above interview, Rise Gardens CEO, Hank Adams, says that “there is a visceral attraction to greenery and plants and living things.” He points to his own kids who had expressed doubts about their dad’s move from sports tech to indoor gardening. Adams explains his kids and their friends have found the app-based, interactive nature of Rise Garden to be engaging and has made gardening a fun experience.

Interview Highlights

00:15 – Adams provides an overview of their Rise Family Garden, which made its debut at CES2023, and features a 9-gallon water tank, This tank size means one can go up to a week without between watering.

01:02 – It will provide enough vegetables for a typical family.

02:08 – Adams claims that the food grown in their system is cheaper than what one would purchase at a store.

03:03 – It is a conversation piece and part of a room’s decor.

04:52 – The cost of electricity is minimal. Their app provides step-by-step assistance, allowing anyone to have a green thumb.

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