Doing It Her Way – A Conversation with the Chairman of the Board, Patty Boyers

Whether it is at the Independent Show or the ACA Connects Summit, a highlight of these conferences is catching up with Boycom president and ACA Connects Chairman, Patty Boyers. In the above interview, filmed at TIS22, Boyers explains why she chose the moniker, Chairman.

It has been a particularly busy time for Boyers as she led the process to replace the only president and CEO ACA Connects had, Matt Polka. Boyers and the crew chose well, as it is clear that Grant Spellmeyer will continue to lead the organization with “honesty, integrity, and calm judgment.”

She praises the ACA Connects board for being active. She says, “Everybody is deeply invested in the success of their businesses, and the communities, and the customers they serve well.” Boyers points out that how, where, and when ACA members can serve depends upon where they are in their respective seasons of life.

In her early days of ACA Connects board membership, she and her husband, Steve, were busy raising a son, building a business, and helping the communities Boycom serves. Over time, her son grew, they were able to hand off the day-to-day operations of their business to a CEO, and she was able to focus more on industry-wide issues. As she puts it, “I was able to get out of the tree business and get into the forest business.”

She talks briefly about how the first 14 years of her career were in the construction business; building cable networks for others. The practical experience she gained had to be invaluable in her testimonies given before Congress.  She points out how important broadband has been, particularly during the pandemic, to the rural Missouri communities and farms that Boycom serves.

Although Missouri never really shut down, they felt the impact of the nationwide shutdown. As she puts it, they adapted and overcame. An example is how the Boyers provided beef from their ranch to the Boycom staff.

Finally, she reflects on Monster Mike Schultz and his amazing work to create his own leg.  That his prosthesis is helping veterans is meaningful to Boyers (her son is active military). It points to the idea of doing something that is much bigger than oneself. Like the other Chairman of the Board (see Sinatra), Boyers is doing it her way, while helping others along the way.

[Congratulations to Patty for her upcoming induction into the Cable Hall of Fame.]

ViodiTV coverage of TIS22 is courtesy of TIS22.

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