Be the Local Broadband Professor – #TIS2022 Recap with ACA Connects’ Grant Spellmeyer

Be the local broadband professor summarizes the advice given by Rhod Shaw, Principal & Chairman of the Alpine Group, at the State and Federal update session at the 2022 Independent Show (TIS). Moderated by ACA Connects President and CEO, Grant Spellmeyer, with Shaw and Tom Cohen, Partner at Kelley Drye, serving as panelists, this panel provided a real-time update and overview on the current regulatory and political climate in Washington in the context of broadband including;

The above interview with Spellmeyer provides an overview of the panel. One of the important takeaways is that ACA Connects’ members should leverage their facilities and staff to help educate elected officials about the challenges and opportunities broadband brings to their constituents. Officials need reminding that there is still a lot of work to be done, much of it by government agencies, to close the various digital divides, even with the unprecedented allocation of federal funds.

Spellmeyer emphasizes the importance of members and their understanding of their respective communities and service territories. They serve as an early warning to help ACA Connects raise the visibility of issues in Washington. Simply, ACA members local knowledge can help prevent things like inaccurate mapping or prevent funding of areas that already have broadband (e.g. 16 Million Reason to Challenge CAF).

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