Moving the Attack Vector Away from the Applications

“It’s time to have a fundamental shift in how we view the network and we view the security as being built into the network and have the network platform provide the security,” says Rick Conklin, Vice President of Development for Dispersive Networks in the above video. Speaking at the 2016 Carrier Network Virtualization Summit, Conklin indicates that one of the benefits to network virtualization is that it moves the attack vector away from the users and applications.  By creating a software defined security perimeter that requires identity based authentication it easier to detect and avoid attacks, according to Conklin.

And with the continuing onslaught from hackers, it becomes increasingly important to automatically detect and take action to protect the network, as it just isn’t possible for a human to keep up with the attacks, Conklin also discusses Dispersive Networks’ techniques, such as splitting traffic and injecting red herring traffic, to improve security.

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