Silence – The All-Purpose, Electric Vehicle Advantage #CES2016

With their limited range, the adoption of electric vehicles in rural areas is lagging behind urban locales. Polaris may start to change that dynamic with its introduction of the first Li-Ion battery-powered all-wheel, off-road electric vehicle.

The Ranger EV is an all-purpose vehicle intended for off-road operation, whether on a ranch or on the range. With a 50-mile range and standard 110 volt charging, the hassle of liquid fueling goes away. It still is capable of carrying 500 pounds in its bed or towing up to 1,500 pounds.

The quiet footprint of the Ranger EV, allows one to silently sneak up on game or drive around the ranch without disturbing livestock. In the above interview, Polaris media representative, Donna Beadle, suggests that other applications for the Ranger include municipalities that are looking for an electric option.

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