The Internet of Baseball Bats

It was only a matter of time before the Internet of Things made its way to the baseball bat. In the above video, Blast Motion’s Donovan Prostrollo discusses the sensor and associated analytics they developed for Easton and its Power Sensor product.

The Power Sensor attaches to the end of any bat and communicates via Bluetooth to an iOS app that captures video of a given swing and analyzes the swing for things such as:

Prostrollo likens it to having a coach in your pocket. He suggests this teaching tool makes coaches better. The nice thing about this device is that the coach doesn’t have to necessarily be with the batter, as the videos and associated analytics are sharable through the normal mechanisms. It makes practice fun by adding competition into the mix, as batters can compete against their own statistics, as well as those of others.

Blast Motion is more than baseball, as they have applied their technology to other sports, including golf, basketball and track and field.

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