An Alternative to Title II Regulation

“Anything that goes on the DOCSIS network is now subject to, in our opinion, regulation from the government,” argues Mark Guerrazzi, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Adara Technologies. Guerrazzi refers to Title II regulations (i.e. net neutrality rules) that the FCC had just approved prior to the filming of the above interview.

He points out that a Switched IP Video approach, like what is offered by Adara Technologies, allows for the blending of streaming video with broadcast and local on-demand video. Of course, this offering would still be regulated, but it would presumably fall under the Title VI regulations for cable television. The scenario Guerrazzi describes is one where the Internet would essentially serve as a transport for a cable television-delivered signal. In such a way, an operator might be able to negotiate deals with content providers that might be impossible under “net neutrality” rules.

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