And the Password Is……

Everett Christensen shares key insight from his book 60-40 or Fight!, in this video interview filmed at the MTA 2011 Conference.  Previously reviewed in the Viodi View, this book is great summer reading for anyone wanting to improve their ability to develop and maintain good relationships.  Christensen brings a variety of experiences to his book, having been in the banking industry, human resources, the academic world, and, as the owner of Christensen Communications, the telecom space.

In our interview, Christensen explains the significance of the title of the book, discusses several of his postulates and their purpose, and demonstrates the E-O teeter-totter.  As Everett points out, non-verbal cues are a key part of communication, so it was great to finally meet Everett face-to-face.  At the end of the video, he recites a poem and reveals the password to making relationships work.

Interview Highlights

Watch this interview with Christensen regarding one of the examples of how he gave back to his community.

Thank you very much Roger Bindl for your filming and editing of the above video.

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