No More Horsing Around – A Fun Send Off for a Beloved Chairman

Roger Nishi of WCVT makes another memorable entrance to an OPASTCO meeting at this week’s 2008 Winter Conference in Phoenix.  Nishi suggested that declining OPASTCO membership, due to consolidation, as well as the plethora of competing educational opportunities present challenges to OPASTCO.  (continued below video window).

He cited the web site improvements and the changes in content at its meetings as evidence of OPASTCO’s adaptation to a changing environment.  And he was right, as most of the content at the 2008 Winter Conference was oriented towards broadband, video and marketing.   He also talked of the increasing importance of strategic partnerships and relationships between OPASTCO and other groups.

The self-deprecating Nishi downplayed the important role he had in helping set this direction.  Roger personifies why I like working with independent telcos.   Humble to the core, Nishi thanked everyone for allowing him to serve.

I have to thank Roger for his support of ViodiTV.  Thanks Roger and thanks Roger Bindl of Bindl Productions for filming the above.

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