The Intersection of DTV and Broadband

The February 2009, transition to an all-digital television broadcast is picking up steam with each passing day.  This will be the catalyst for hybrid broadcast-IPTV solutions, pioneered in Europe, to make inroads in the U.S.  This interview with Jeff Vinson of NXP semiconductor at the NAB tradeshow a few months ago indicated to me that the chipmakers think there is a business here. 



That there are a number of start-ups focused on bringing together the formerly disparate industries of broadband and broadcasting also indicates that the stars are aligning for a hybrid broadcast-IPTV solution (of course, it could be argued that Satellite is pursuing a similar hybrid approach).  The other indication that a hybrid broadcast-IP approach is valid is the fact that there is a conference, Set-Top Box 2.0, which is devoting a significant portion to this concept (see description for The Multi-Mode Hybrid Set-Top Box). 

In future articles, we will explore the opportunities and challenges this hybrid broadcast-IPTV approach presents to independent telcos.

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