Mitchell, South Dakota; AKA, Silicon Plains

Brought to you by Innovative Systems
Brought to you by Innovative Systems

Approximately 70 miles away from the Sioux Fall, SD regional airport and through seemingly endless cornfields, Mitchell, South Dakota is, at first glance, an unlikely place to find a concentration of telecommunications firms and Engineering brainpower. Home to Innovative Systems, Martin Group (incorrectly stated as Martin & Associates in the video) and Vantage Point Solutions, Mitchell has the largest concentration of technology firms dedicated solely to the independent telecom industry. Watch below to see the secrets to success for this dynamic Midwestern community.

4 responses to “Mitchell, South Dakota; AKA, Silicon Plains”

  1. Roger Bindl Avatar

    As an after thought I wondered if we should have called this “Silicon Prairie”… if only because it has same number of syllables as it’s California counterpart. I would have gave it a higher rating, but didn’t think it fair to rate our own – there is no neutral rating. 🙂

  2. […] Oh yeah, not often you see Mitchell, SD in the same list as Rio de Janiero – not bad for a small city sitting on I-90 – a previous video made also made note of the concentration of technology here calling it Silicon Prai… […]

  3. Ken Avatar

    Congratulations Mitchell, SD on being named one of 21 Finalists to the Intelligent Communities Forum, Intelligent Communities Awards.

  4. […] Congratulations Mitchell, SD – semifinalist in the Intelligent Communities Forum – aka Silicon Plains […]

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