10 Benefits to Sponsoring ViodiTV

Viodi LLC. through ViodiTV at Events Coverage provides several promotional benefits to sponsors. The list below outlines the benefits and options provided by ViodiTV. Also check  price sheet for pricing options.

Check the WSTA website for information on 2010 Fall Conference Sponsorship or contact us on the future events like ScreenPlays Media Innovations Summit.

Exposure through Video Blog, Newsletter, Hotel TV, and Sponsor Site

  1. Sponsors are promoted in Viodi View Newsletter
    • Emailed to 2700 industry Executives, Managers, and Staff
      Pre-conference and post-conference
    • Permanently on-line at www.viodi.com
  2. Viodi produces sponsor video at conference
    • 3 to 5 minutes with options for
      • Interviews
      • Product/Company highlights
      • Customer Testimonials
    • Value between $2.5K -$10K based on typical costs per minute.
      • Savings realized by producing during event
        (option for enhanced pre-show production)
      • Filming, editing, inserts, effects, royalty free music.
      • Option for inclusion in Product Buzz
    • Shot in HD, processed for HD streaming, DVD, SD, and other formats.
  3. Hotel TV sponsor highlights (when channel is available) with options for…
    • TV program with daily reviews and interviews (30-40 minute loop)
    • Sponsor credits in program opening (10-30 second opening)
    • 5-10 second logo spots (1-6 times/hour) with video's
    • 3-5 minute interview or product/service highlight (1-2 times/hour)
    • Unique exposure has long lasting impact – people remembered
    • New program each day ran during event
  4. Sponsors promoted in event video's posted on ViodiTV
    • Permanent video/text posts at www.viodi.tv
    • Sponsor video posted on ViodiTV
    • Sponsors are recognized in event posts.
    • Option for cost effective advanced promotional video.
  5. Multiple postings optimize search results for sponsors.
    • Viodi View
    • ViodiTV
    • Association, and Conference Sites
    • BlipTV (pro account for video)
    • YouTube (video search)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • etc.
  6. Cross Linked by aggregators
  7. Exposure is long term… video and text posts are permanent.
  8. Potential for cross protest at event organizers
    • The New-Edge Newsletter at NTCA
    • OPASTCO Annual, Summer, and Tech/Mktg Symposium
    • OPASTCO/NTCA IP Possibilities
    • With WSTA Annual and PR/Mktg Symposium – WSTA promotes us.
    • MTA Annual conference – associate member sponsors us.
    • Parks Associated
    • Broadband Properties
    • Etc.
  9. Video embed code made to sponsors to place video on sponsor website.
    • Sponsor video from event.
  10. Opportunity to work with two great guys… Ken and Roger. We're able to optimize on costs at events by producing at the event and finding multiple sponsors to distribute costs (exclusives are an option).