Leveraging Existing Assets to Bring Fiber to the Bunker

With over 2,000 miles of fiber, Finger Lakes Technology Group, Inc (FLTG)., has transformed from a 90+ year-old, independent last mile provider to a provider of mid-mile connectivity in western New York and northern Pennsylvania. In the above interview, FLTG’s president, Paul Griswold, explains their approach to building out a fiber network with the help of anchor tenants. Being independent, FLTG has the flexibility to adapt to local market requirements and provide everything from dark fiber to hosted VoIP services.

As Griswold points out, FLTG’s transformation centered around its people. That started with some very Silicon Valley-like thinking in terms of the creation of a work space and place that fosters collaboration, speed to market and innovation. It also means finding, nurturing and challenging local talent. One of the assets of the region that FLTG serves, and one that FLTG draws upon for finding talent, are the number of excellent institutes of higher learning, such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology and Cornell.

Another factor in the success of providers like FLTG is that many of the employees are actively involved in the community. Almost like osmosis, being in the community allows FLTG to find opportunities that would easily be overlooked by competitors; competitors whose decision-makers are located thousands of miles away. It also provides a level of trust that only in-person relationships can provide.

Turning an abandoned and relatively isolated army base into a technology park is an example of one of the successes from being part of the community and is a reflection of someone who understands the dynamics of his region and its potential. Griswold and his team have converted approximately 800 acres of the former Seneca Army base into a technology park. Combining their fiber network with assets on the base, such as the 64 steel-reinforced, concrete bunkers, triple fencing and stable power supply, FLTG have created multiple opportunities for continued expansion of its business, including extremely secure data centers, paper archive storage, disaster recovery centers and research and development facilities.

Filming by Roger Bindl, Bindl Productions and broll provided by Calix, Inc

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