From Tubes to Semiconductors

Paul Wesling (GTE/Lenkurt), Norm Pond (Varian) and Ted Hoff (Intel) explain the transition from tubes to semiconductors and describe the resulting transformation of the Valley of the Hearts Delight into Silicon Valley. Starting in the early 1900s, this fascinating talk shows how modern concepts, like hackathons and sharing, were a factor in the development of homegrown technology that was instrumental in defeating the Nazis in World War II and sending a man to the moon a few decades later. More than technology, the birth of Silicon Valley was about the creation of a culture of innovation and that rewarded results.

These panelists bring great knowledge of the Valley, having been part of the relatively modern era and knowing and studying those who laid the foundation for what it has become.

Note: The complete 1.5 hour panel discussion can be viewed in the above player. To see snippets from the panel, please go to:

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