Innovation of Things at the 2014 Cable Show

“Everybody’s looking to innovate,” said Matt Polka of the American Cable Association. Polka explains that innovation surrounding the cable broadband ecosystem was one of the themes of the 2014 Cable Show. He stresses that innovation is an important element to giving consumers’ what they want; whether that is new ways of viewing content or apps that help make for a smarter home.

The above video interview with Polka also features some of the sights of the 2014 show. Wireless was a big emphasis, both within the exhibit hall and outside the exhibit hall, where the host cable provider Time-Warner touted its WiFi hotspots with banners and via a promotional video reels. Polka discusses the importance of WiFi and freeing up additional spectrum to help operators help their customers’ un-tether and get the most out of their portable devices.

And the Internet of Things will be one of the drivers of wireless demand. The Cable Show devoted a relatively large area to the Internet of Things that  featured a plethora of devices, including things such as bicycle helmets that monitor heart rate, a smart refrigerator tray that tells one when his eggs have gone bad and devices that monitor air quality.

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