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2012 Local Content Awards

Thank you Calix for the support of the Viodi Local Content Awards and for its overall support of the industry and Viodi. Without Calix’s help, the 2012 Viodi Local Content awards would not have been possible. Creating a differentiated and better service for their respective communities is the reason rural broadband service providers offer local content, according to the results of a Viodi, LLC administered survey of 50+ rural broadband service providers. The survey indicates that the way community-specific programs are created and delivered are as unique as the communities being served.

Inspired by the survey respondents, on October 28th at the Calix User Group, Viodi recognized several entities that are helping to create better communities through the creation and distribution of local content. The following entities received 2012 Viodi Local Content Awards:

  • Consolidated Communications of Dickinson, North Dakota – Their creation of a televised bingo game represents truly original content that is entertaining for its customers, while encouraging them to shop local. It is more than a TV show, as it drives traffic to local merchants and creates a bridge between the online, the television and the in-store worlds. It is a highly anticipated weekly event that both viewers and local merchants enjoy.
  • RT Communications of Worland, Wyoming – RT Communications is a pioneer in producing local content for a broadband-only infrastructure. Most of its 10,000 square mile service territory is too rural for traditional cable television services and broadband is the only option many of RT Communications’ members have for staying current on local news and events. Their broadband-first approach to local content approach helps increase broadband penetration, while bringing local events, such as high school sports, to people who often are too far away to attend them in person.
  • The City of North Liberty, Iowa and South Slope Communications – The city of North Liberty, Iowa works closely with local businesses to promote the community and it is working, as from 2000 to 2010, North Liberty was the second-fastest growing town in Iowa. Central to getting North Liberty’s message out to the world is its communications department, which uses multiple media to promote the community and associated events.
  • In concert with South Slope Communications, a local communications cooperative which operates a state-of-the-art fiber-based network, the City of North Liberty is streaming its programs and events live via the web. One example of a recent success was the collaborative effort of promoting, producing and streaming the North Liberty Blues and BBQ. The success of this event showed how the combination local video and broadband can help promote an area beyond its regional basis.

The above examples are just a few of many where the creation of local content is enhancing broadband, while helping to strengthen communities.

[Viodi’s 2012 Local Content Survey provides insight from a large sampling of rural broadband providers and their current plans for the creation of community content. Release of the report detailing the survey results is anticipated for November 2012. Contact viodi at report©viodi•com  (report©viodi•com)   for purchase information.]

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