A Win-Win Demand Response Program

Congratulations to Vince Groff for his promotion to general manager for the Cox Home Security business. This promotion complements Cox’s move to commercialize its home automation and security services. Groff is a fixture at the Parks Associates’ Smart Energy Summit and represents a leading voice as to how communications service providers fit into the home automation space.

As he explains in the above interview, part of his motivation for being at the 2012 Smart Energy Summit was to discover technology companies complementary to Cox’s strength in distribution of broadband services to the home. Groff suggests that Cox could add value via demand management of energy use, for instance, by helping consumers reduce costs through the management of big-ticket energy items, such as HVAC units, via broadband-controlled smart thermostats.

Groff explains how Cox’s trusted in-home relationship can bring value to the utility and to the consumer through the creation of demand response programs that benefit all parties.

[ViodiTV coverage of the Smart Energy Summit 2012 brought to you by Parks Associates.  Music to the above video provided by the People Power Band.]

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