Building to Future Proof

Fiber to the Home is the ultimate way to future proof a network. In this interview, Ron Ellis of Rural Telephone and Vince Tyson of Plateau, describe the FTTH architectures they chose for their rural service areas. With wide service areas and the need to provide a plethora of services from residential to cell site connections to high-speed Ethernet connections to businesses, these service providers need a versatile platform that will last.

Tyson explains a slow and steady approach to deploying fiber to all of their customers. Ellis talks about the progress on the $101M stimulus project that they are projected to complete by August 2012 and the early results which is getting as much as 70% penetration. More importantly, they are starting to see people move back from Denver to their rural areas.

Tyson points out that some of the services enabled by broadband have become a, necessity of life and not just a quality of life consideration and points out the significance in time and fuel cost savings of being able to use broadband to eliminate just a single car outing per month.