Strong, Faster Than Before – The Video

About two months ago, an impromptu video I shot at CES 2012 went somewhat viral.  The reason for its relative popularity was because Popular Science selected it to be part of their YouTube channel.  Why it was picked up by Popular Science remains a mystery.  Still, based on the number of YouTube “likes” versus “dislikes”, the message of the video must have overpowered the poor production values of this impromptu, one-man production.

And the accompanying article, title The Augmented Life or the $6M Man Becomes the $6K Man, was also well received by Viodi View readers.

So, knowing it would be on the television channel at the MTA Annual Convention, I felt inspired to put more effort than normal in the creation of a video explaining the context of my viral video.  It was fun to play with the green screen and superimpose my face on images of robots (the little butler-like devices carrying trays) and on an exoskeleton.  Whether the above video goes viral, remains to be seen, but it was fun to produce and it is always interesting to ponder the future that seems to finally be the present.