The Sleepy & Instant On Set-Top

“Lite sleep” and “Deep Sleep” are two of the power-reduction initiatives that Cable Labs is actively pursuing to reduce the power consumption, explains Ralph Brown, CTO of Cable Labs.  Being more efficient, without sacrificing performance and not sacrificing user-experience is their goal.  With a stated aim that 90% of the set-tops purchased by the end of 2013 be Energy Star 3.0 compliant, energy-efficient set-tops are clearly a Cable Labs priority.

And, as evidenced by discussions last week at the SCTE Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI) Forum in Philadelphia, energy efficiency extends beyond the set-top and includes the network.  As pointed out in this CED article, the conversation could quickly turn into a political one, as  power consumption of a Network DVR (one copy stored remotely for multiple viewers) is approximately 1/60th of that of a network DVR-RS (Remote Storage, where it is one copy per viewer).  With millions of devices, this translates into power plants worth of power required to support the remote storage approach compared to a pure network DVR approach.

Perhaps, this will drive some interesting political alliances between the cable industry and “green” groups, pressuring content owners to grant network DVR rights to their distribution partners.

[ViodiTV coverage of the Smart Energy Summit 2012 brought to you by Parks Associates.  Music to the above video provided by the People Power Band.]