Youth Market Insight at MIS 2011 – Part 1

Dan Coates of Ypulse provides an overview of the Millennial generation and discusses how they are different from previous generations and elaborates on the seven characteristics of this group; these characteristics may be a bit surprising to their baby boomer and Gen-X parents.  In his presentation, he provides good insight on their media consumption and communications habits.

Kathleen Gasperini, Founding Partner & SVP, Label Networks talks about youth culture and why this market place interests major brands.  She talks of how technology is an inherent part of this generation and the influence they have in the purchase of electronics.  She provides some interesting statistics as to the consumption of media and where they prefer to consume it.  She points out the intersection of fashion and media.  Tapping into the mentality of DIY (Do It Yourself) and EIY (Earn It Yourself).  She recommends thinking young to understand this generation.

John Gillis, New Media Specialist, for Integrated Educational Strategies talks about the use of tablets and other personal computing devices for blended learning.  He talks about “tabbing”, which has network implications as it means that high-speed low-latency connections will be important to keep the attention of this generation.  Finally, he points to the importance of understanding your audience when trying to get your message out through social networks.