Looking Forward, While Staying Customer Focused

Independent telecommunications companies are typically the technology leaders of their communities. They have to know what is coming in technology, while, at the same time, providing their customers with great service for what is needed today. By bringing broadband to the so-called last mile, they literally connect their rural communities to the World Wide Web.

It goes beyond the physical connection, as they are often the ones helping their customers use technology to improve their businesses, wire schools to enhance learning or teaching customers how to use new gadgets and gizmos.

At CES 2011, we had a chance to catch up with a person who epitomizes balance in understanding where things are going and how that applies to his everyday customers. Rob Riordan of Nsight Telservices, a Green Bay-based telecom provider, is both a leader of the industry (e.g. former Chairman of OPASTCO), as well as a leader in his company and community. Rob literally has a global view of where things are going, as he regularly speaks at industry conferences from London to Shanghai.

Riordan explains how he is looking for interfaces that simplify the complex technology embedded with the gadgets and gizmos he brings to his customers. He provides a summary of the panel we had participated in at the Broadband Unlimited Conference and talks about what impressed him on that panel. He also mentions the work they are doing with a local clinic to extend telehealth services into the community.