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People die, Profiles don’t

What happens to your on-line accounts after death? Are your digital assets covered in your will? Social Media posts and pictures can already haunt you, but what about those accounts after death. Who can get to them, or get rid of them. Jesse Davis of Entrustet talks about them in the combination interview and excerpts from his Pecha Kucha presentation during High Tech Happy Hour in Madison, WI. Produced by Roger Bindl for ViodiTV.

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Great video.
People wrongfully assume that these things are private unless they choose to post them online for everyone to see. With more and more governments keeping digital recordings of telephone conversations, even your steamy telephone conversations are subject to discovery. Access to these things varies with each administration like the blowing wind, but the trend is to make them more available. Imagine the best seller that could be written with Tiger's text messages. If the web had been around during Bill and Hillary's Marxist hippie years in college… 
As much as I hate the reams of legislation that are being created every year, perhaps a box to check that says, if you want this account and all of its contents to be deleted upon your death or after a year of inactivity, check here, would be in order. It would be just a few lines of code per the 4th Amendment.
Yes, I realize that this goes on my permanent record.

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